Lessons learned.

Primozone strives always to improve our offer toward the customers and the users of our technology. Since the day one Primozone chose the path of constant improvement and continuous learning ...

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Drinking water treated with high concentration ozone by Primozone soon in Cheongju, South Korea.

Cheongju is the capital and largest city of North Chungcheong Province in South Korea. We are proud that in the nearest future, the city will be appreciating the quality of ...

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Ålands Vatten and Primozone – 10 years together or Aluminium Anniversary

This week Primozone visited Ålands Vatten, a very special visit to a very special customer. A customer that dared to make a change, go for a brand-new technology and ...

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Primozone is awarded large scale municipal drinking water project worth 3 million Euro

The Swedish ozone generator supplier Primozone has won the public tender to supply the ozone installation for the expansion of the Langevatn drinking water treatment plant outside Stavanger, Norway. The ...

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Breakthrough for Primozone on the US municipal ozone water treatment market

The Swedish ozone generator supplier, Primozone has made a breakthrough on the US market thanks to a successful evaluation at a water treatment plant in the City of Dallas, US. ...

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