Experts in Ozone technology

At Primozone we know how ozone works

Primozone was founded in 2000 and already from the start the aim was to redefine ozone technology. From experience the personnel at Primozone knew that traditional ozone generators have many weaknesses. The aim of the development team was to design an ozone generator that reduced as many of these weaknesses as possible.

The result is an ozone generator that both has the highest ozone concentration and lowest lifecycle cost on the market.

Since 2003, Primozone Production AB is wholly owned by Westfal-Larsen Technology of Bergen, Norway. The W-L group is a family-owned group of companies founded in 1905. Primozone is one of several companies within Westfal-Larsen Technology AS, all of whom are active within high-technology R&D products. The W-L group is an industrial owner who has invested several million Euros in the development of the Primozone’s Ozone Generator.

Today the Primozone ozone technology is a proven concept. It is sold worldwide and used for different industrial water treatment applications in different countries.

Patented technology

The patented, cutting-edge technology behind the Primozone ozone generator is setting the standard for a new generation of ozone generators. The high ozone concentration, the small size and the low life-cycle cost are all features that differentiate the Primozone Ozone Generator from conventional ozone generators. At Primozone we are leading the development of innovate ozone technology for water treatment.

Quality management

At Primozone we are committed to efficient production management and environmentally friendly processes. Primozone is therefore certified according to both ISO9000 and ISO14000 and all products are CE-marked. This is important as all research and development as well as assembly is made in-house at the Primozone facility.

A partner in ozone water treatment

At Primozone a lot of effort has been put into research and development and we are cooperating with different universities and  other partners to develop new applications and improve existing ones. The result of this research and cooperation is now an important part of the Primozone offer. At Primozone we are devoted to, not only provide our customers with efficient ozone generators and ozone water treatment systems, but also to provide a lot of knowledge about ozone and its different applications for water treatment. Primozone is a complete partner in ozone water treatment.

About us

  • Founded in 2000
  • Owned by Westfal-Larsen Technology
  • Patented technology
  • ISO9000, ISO14000 and CE
  • Sold world-wide